About Us

The People Over Pentagon campaign was launched in 2019 by a group of organizations committed to calling for more than $200 billion in cuts to the Pentagon budget and for excess spending on militarism to be reallocated into domestic and human needs priorities instead.

Since then, the coalition has grown to include a broad array of grassroots, consumer advocacy, climate, democracy, faith, and watchdog groups. Coalition letters, statements, and joint actions can be found below.

The People Over Pentagon coalition is organized by Public Citizen.


The People Over Pentagon Agenda

AP: Liberal groups want 2020 Dems to back Pentagon spending cuts


31 Groups Sign Transition Memo to Biden Administration

Amid Pandemic, New Military Spending Numbers Highlight Misplaced Priorities

60-Plus Groups to Congress: No More COVID-19 Money for the Pentagon

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36 Groups to Biden and Congress: Reduce Oversized Pentagon Request

50 House Lawmakers Are Right: Excessive Pentagon Spending Won’t Make Us Safer

40 Groups to Biden: Leaving Afghanistan Means Lowering the Pentagon Budget

48 Groups to Congress: Not a Single Dollar More to the Pentagon

49 Groups to Congress: Vote ‘Yes’ on Pentagon Cuts Amendments

39 Groups to Senate: Divest from Obsolete Nuclear Bomb, Fund Global COVID-19 Vaccines Instead

No Pentagon Spending Add-Ins in the Eleventh Hour, Urge Civil Society Groups


Stop Padding the Pentagon’s Budget, 86 Groups Tell Biden

43 Groups Sign Senate Letter Urging Against Additional Pentagon Spending

61 Groups Sign House Letter Urging Against Additional Pentagon Spending