Fact Sheets and Reports

Eight Things You Should Know About Defense Spending and Inflation by the Brown University Costs of War Project

Ukraine War Not a Reason to Increase Pentagon Budget by Public Citizen and Women’s Action for New Directions

Military-Industrial Complex Cinches Nearly 450,000% Return on Investment by Rick Claypool and Savannah Wooten at Public Citizen

The Pentagon Doesn’t Need More Money. These Things Do by the National Priorities Project

The Pentagon Gets More Money, and Americans Pay the Price by Katrina Vanden Heuvel

We Must Stop Showering the Military With Money by Farhad Manjoo

House military spending bill is a boon to the arms industry by Bill Hartung at the Quincy Institute

Rein in runaway Pentagon spending by Robert Weissman and Savannah Wooten at Public Citizen


Americans Widely Reject Proposals for More Pentagon Spending conducted Data for Progress and Public Citizen (2022)

Most U.S. Adults Support Pentagon Spending Cuts conducted by the American Friends Service Committee

Americans overwhelmingly do not derive their sense of safety from military investment (#4) by the Federation of American Scientists (2021)

The American People Agree: Cut the Pentagon’s Budget conducted by Data for Progress and U.S. Representative Mark Pocan (2021)